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Mental Health Foundation

I am currently engaged in raising money for the Mental Health Foundation via my London Marathon 2013 Pledge of £1500. Yes, I am running the fucker.

I decided to do this when last year, my Uncle, a good intelligent man and skilled carpenter, finally lost a long battle with alcoholism, a DISEASE strongly related to depression, anxiety and stress. I also have a Grandmother, who lives in a paranoid schizophrenic solitude, and although her alcoholism of late seems to have subsided, she sadly no longer is attached to this world. This may stem from untreated World War 2 trauma, from working for the Red cross ‘burns victims’ unit, the horror of which to most of our current day problems, is unparalelled. I keep hearing stories of old childhood and school friends who have died of overdoses, or reside in mental institutions from suicide attempts, albeit one, 10 years ago, was successful. I can’t even begin to count the amount of good friends I have , thankfully doing well now who either have relied at some point on anti-depressants, or have had dangerous brushes with them. It really depends on the situation to decide whether these are the right or wrong remedies for mental health problems, but I will say, they are MIS-PRESCRIBED and OVER-PRESCRIBED all of the time, and are in all, part of the PROBLEM, NOT the SOLUTION. Campaigning to increase awareness and reduce stigma associated with mental health problems and help people lead healthier, balanced lives, IS the answer, and this is exactly what the Mental Health Foundation do. Their site offers reams of advice and publications, check it out:

Please help me reach my target by sponsoring me, and donate to an extremely important cause.

I am also putting on this awesome line up of bands next Sunday (details in prevuious post), the proceeds from the night also ALL go to the charity. Lets make a noise about this!!

If anyone wants to share stories, please, be my guest.


Society gets the music it deserves

This has got to be one of the most brutally honest articles I have read about the state of british music in a while. It’s great to see a mainstream journalist having the balls to write something so cutting and derogatory about major labels and their ‘Poster boys’, and it has vocallised my feelings entirely. The REAL music scene in london (well certainly everywhere but Hammersmith) is populated with honest hardworking artists making some great FREE music, and it defies mainstream standardisation.

Maybe if society changed the way it listened to/treated music and new artists, the industry would adapt, and we wouldnt have to put up with lavish awards ceremonies populated by the same old bland, boring, and frankly conservative tripe being passed off as ‘cutting edge’.

Glasswerk Interview

The nice poeple at Glasswerk National gave me this little interview…

London based singer songwriter Will Miles was born and raised in the West Country and is the first solo artist in this little feature. Drawing from folk and blues traditions he has a fine voice and writes evocative and memorable songs. Miles is a young man with a big future. His sound is modern and vibrant and has echoes of some of the greats.

Just in case anyone doesn’t know you, how would you describe yourself and your music? 

I just try and write the best songs that I can, songs that tell real stories that people can relate to. Whether they are sad or optimistic it doesn’t matter because I’m not trying to please a mainstream audience. I guess it’s all in the blues vein, not just regular blues, but the idea of blues as a myth that has a really relevant place in the world, that place is somewhere you can access and hear real soul. Which is what makes the music I make ‘alternative’.

Have you released any albums or singles so far? 

I’ve just released a double A side single containing two tracks, ‘Shallow Water’ and ‘Angela’. These were recorded at the same time as a whole album’s worth of material, but I’m not sure whether that will be properly released yet

What’s been the highlight of your career to date?

Every time I play with my band it’s a highlight on a highlight, it’s constantly evolving, and improving with every show. At the single launch we had the lead singer of ‘Murderbarn’ singing/playing with us, I love male/female vocal harmonies. Whenever you accomplish your entire vision for something in a moment, live, it ‘lives’, and that’s the best feeling, there’s a lot of love that goes into it, from everyone involved

Who are your main musical influences? 

I don’t think there are any ‘main‘ ones, but the ones that speak to me the most would probably be Leadbelly, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Velvet Underground, Neil Young, Cave, Cash, Springsteen, Hendrix…etc. I also love some jazz, Keith Jarret, Miles Davis.. soul like Bobby Womack, Van Morrison.

What lessons about the music business have you had to learn so far? 

Many, but mainly just do things yourself, and stay true to yourself. My opinion of most new music in the commercial mainstream is very low. And lately I’ve come to realise that a lot of older artists are kind of suffocating the scene, there should be far more emphasis on new talent, new voices with something to say, not just nostalgia trips, which ironically, so many new artists are bending themselves to be

Where can we find out more about you – website, social media, etc? 

Yeah, the usual, Facebook, Bandcamp, Twitter, Youtube. I got my own website too which glues them all together:

And what do you hope that 2013 will bring for you? 

The plan is for more big shows, some festivals, more writing, recording and releasing. Just keep working hard and increasing the audience.