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Blue Haven Video!

The official Video for Blue Haven has arrived! Finally got this song right 🙂
Was filmed and edited by Kriss Flow and Tim Bonney from Sumer. Very proud of this.
Its a protest song, about being incredibly fucked off with life in general.

Mental Health Foundation

I am currently engaged in raising money for the Mental Health Foundation via my London Marathon 2013 Pledge of £1500. Yes, I am running the fucker.

I decided to do this when last year, my Uncle, a good intelligent man and skilled carpenter, finally lost a long battle with alcoholism, a DISEASE strongly related to depression, anxiety and stress. I also have a Grandmother, who lives in a paranoid schizophrenic solitude, and although her alcoholism of late seems to have subsided, she sadly no longer is attached to this world. This may stem from untreated World War 2 trauma, from working for the Red cross ‘burns victims’ unit, the horror of which to most of our current day problems, is unparalelled. I keep hearing stories of old childhood and school friends who have died of overdoses, or reside in mental institutions from suicide attempts, albeit one, 10 years ago, was successful. I can’t even begin to count the amount of good friends I have , thankfully doing well now who either have relied at some point on anti-depressants, or have had dangerous brushes with them. It really depends on the situation to decide whether these are the right or wrong remedies for mental health problems, but I will say, they are MIS-PRESCRIBED and OVER-PRESCRIBED all of the time, and are in all, part of the PROBLEM, NOT the SOLUTION. Campaigning to increase awareness and reduce stigma associated with mental health problems and help people lead healthier, balanced lives, IS the answer, and this is exactly what the Mental Health Foundation do. Their site offers reams of advice and publications, check it out:

Please help me reach my target by sponsoring me, and donate to an extremely important cause.

I am also putting on this awesome line up of bands next Sunday (details in prevuious post), the proceeds from the night also ALL go to the charity. Lets make a noise about this!!

If anyone wants to share stories, please, be my guest.